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Our team has experience filming music events of all sizes, from intimate concerts to large-scale festivals. We will work with you to capture the energy and excitement of your event, producing a video that captures the essence of your music and leaves a lasting impression on your audience.


Share3 ‚Ar : Street

Share3 ‚Ar : Street‘ is a Hip-Hop festival dedicated for emerging talents from the Levant (Sham) area in the middle east.
The program will include the finest Rap & Hip-Hop acts as well as discussion sessions, street food and House & Techno Beats for the afterparty.

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Basma Jabr @ Schu Fi Ma Fi's Yalla Concert

The Yalla Music Festival was the best final concert for our 2021 season. Many thanks to @basma_jabr @mahanmirarab and @shamtrio for the beautiful atmosphere and the fascinating music

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Sham Trio @ Schu Fi Ma Fi's Yalla Concert

Sham Trio was shown in the evening at Yalla at the Shaw Vi Ma Vi Gathering Theater in Dusseldorf, Germany

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From (Saja Baladi & Abu Gabi) concert, Dusseldorf

Produced by: Our7Pro Zein Alali Aslaem Kameramann: Elie Abboud – Joud Kalaji – Hassan Alsalem – Nasr Saleh


Hanin Choir from (Saja Baladi) Abu Ghabi concert

The song “My Neighbors” from the (Saja Baladi & Abu Gabi) concert in Dusseldorf, Germany, sung by the women of Haneen Choir, with a wonderful arrangement by @HabibiAct
Hanin Choir is a popular women’s choir founded in Berlin, and I had the honor of sharing the stage with them for the first time and we sang together.


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